Intracellular drug delivery

Our research focusses on the synthesis, characterization and application of nanopharmaceuticals for the delivery of drugs and biomolecules across cellular barriers.

Pharmacokinetic properties are inherent characteristics of drug molecules that cannot be changed without derivatization. The utilization of nanopharmaceuticals with tunable physicochemical properties is a rational approach to change the pharmacokinetics of drug molecules without affecting their biological activity. In this regard, controlled biodistribution does not only include differential extracellular tissue or organ accumulation, but also facilitated translocation across cellular barriers.



Flow of genetic information from chromosomal DNA to proteins and associated possibilities for therapeutic intervention by exogenous biomolecules. Reprinted with permission from Lächelt & Wagner, Chem. Rev. 2015, 115, 19, 11043–11078. Copyright 2015 American Chemical Society.

Different types of nucleic acids and genome editing components are versatile tools for therapeutic interventions based on their precise manipulation of the intracellular flow of genetic information. Unfortunately, the high therapeutic potential of biomacromolecules is generally opposed by a rather low ‘drug-likeness’ and unfavorable pharmacokinetic properties, in particular poor distribution to intracellular target sites.

To address these challenges, we develop nanopharmaceuticals for impermeable drugs and biomolecules based on peptides and metal-organic nanomaterials.


Peptide synthesis, metal-organic nanoparticle synthesis, physicochemical nanoparticle characterization, cellular uptake and bioactivity studies, molecular biology. 


Selected Publications

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