What do we do?

The Division of Pharmaceutical Technology and Biopharmaceutics conducts teaching and research within the field of drug targeting and delivery. Our aim is to design drug products / medicines that deliver a drug to the right location at the right dose at the right time.

What are our research interests?

  • Nano- and microparticulate medicines and diagnostics
  • Drug targeting to the immune system
  • Vaccine development
  • Dermatopharmaceutics
  • Drug delivery to the lung
  • Pharmaceutical biophysics
  • Delivery of drugs to combat infectious diseases and antimicrobial resistance
  • Assessment of formulation effects on pharmacokinetics
  • Preclinical toxicology of novel formulation excipients
  • Cell culture models in biopharmaceutics and pre-formulation
  • Formulation development for industry and compounding pharmacies

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Research Groups

What do we teach?

  • Basics of formulation science
  • Basics of biopharmaceutics and the impact of formulations on drug pharmacokinetics
  • Methods of manufacturing medicines for industry and compounding pharmacies
  • Quality control and assurance in the manufacture of medicines
  • Mechanisms of drug targeting
  • Innovative formulations: Micro- and nanomedicines
  • Formulation of biopharmaceuticals
  • Formulation of cosmetics
  • Sustainability in the pharmaceutical industry
  • Basics of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)

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Research infrastructure

  • Cell culture models for toxicology and permeability assessment
  • BSL2 microbiology lab
  • Preclinical rodent models for PK and PD studies
  • Aerosol characterization and delivery in preclinical rodent models
  • Nano- and microparticle characterisation suite